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Induction Lighting Fixtures

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What is Induction Lighting?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask.  We happen to think it’s the greatest
thing since sliced bread.  To put it simply, an Induction Light is a green, energy efficient
light bulb ( LVD or “Low Voltage Discharge” lamp) that makes it possible to save 30-90% of
the lighting portion of an electric bill.  If you think of a regular light bulb like the
Incandescent (the very light bulb we all grew up with), and how it is constructed, then It is
very easy to understand why the Induction light is so efficient.
You see, all common light bulbs whether they are fluorescent, HID Metal Halide Mercury
Vapor or HPS, and even the plain ol’ incandescent bulb invented by Thomas Edison, have
one common design limitation…   The Filament.  Yes, that thin little piece of metal inside all
of those light bulbs we know and love is the reason the Induction light is the superior
choice in energy efficient lighting today.  The absence of a filament in these lamps, also
known as the electrodeless lamp, gives them a super long life span of up to 100,000 hours
while providing energy efficient lighting in trouble free operation for years.  The United
States Department of Defense states that “An incandescent lamp may have a very low initial
cost but may have to be replaced several times a year, while an induction lamp… may not
be replaced for decades.”*

What is Induction Lighting?  

Give that some thought for a moment… energy efficient
lighting that may not need replacement for decades.  This simply was unattainable even in
the recent past, however now it is here thanks to the Induction light.  Over 100 years ago,
the Induction light was invented by Dr. Nikola Tesla.  Although he received heavy resistance
to his innovative ideas regarding free energy, energy efficient lighting, self sustaining power
generation that would allow the common man to break the link to the Utility company, his
genius is celebrated in the wide acceptance of induction lighting as the leading choice in
energy efficient lighting today.  We cordially invite you to browse our knowledge and media
resource base, visit our Facebook page, You Tube channel, and even our product catalog to
gain an understanding of what this marvelous technology can do for you.

*United States Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria (DOD UFC) page 24